Fat Mobilization & Body Contouring

We utilize the latest Ultrasound and Radiofrequency technologies to precisely target the unwanted, stubborn fat and tighten the skin. These two highly effective methods are combined to provide a superior result in body contouring in lesser time.

How does this work?

High frequency Ultrasound waves selectively target the fat cells and release their disposal by the body. Treatment targets on pads of stubborn fat in the abdomen (belly), thighs (saddle bags), flanks (love handles), buttocks and arms.

Radio frequency is an energy source designed to uniformly heat inner layer of skin, without damaging it. As a result, cellulite and fat breakdown occurs. Also it stimulates the formation of new collagen and elastin production improving the skin tone and elasticity.

How many treatments will be needed?

According to our experience, fat can be safely removed from the concentrated areas in several sessions. Number of sessions required will depend on the individual.

What instructions should be followed after the treatment?

Although the procedure will work without an extreme control of diet and exercise, the results can be enhanced by maintaining an optimum diet and exercise. Also, water is extremely important to aid the body during the procedure.