Laser Tattoo Removal

Amaran Aesthetic offers laser technology as a tattoo removal treatment in Sri Lanka. The use of lasers for tattoo removal procedures has been proven as the safest and most effective method in modern medicine, due to its minimal disturbance to the surrounding tissues.Other methods used for tattoo removal includes salabrasion and dermabrasion (sanding), injections, skin grafting, burning or the actual cutting out of the tattoo. These methods however are invasive, painful, show a much greater risk of infection, and usually result in unsightly scarring. Their effectiveness is dramatically lower than that of laser making laser treatment the safest, most effective, and obvious choice for tattoo removal in Sri Lanka.

Laser tattoo removal at Amaran has been proven to provide faster and more superior clearance for tattoos and offers a safer treatment with reduced risks.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

The laser energy is applied to selectively target specific tattoo pigments with minimal disruption to the surrounding tissue, causing the tattoo pigment to shatter into smaller ink particles which can be removed by the body’s immune system over the space of several weeks.

What effect does the ink colour have on the treatment?

The colour of the tattoo plays a large role in determining how easy it will be to remove. Dark colours such as dark blue and black are easier to remove than other colours.

How many treatments are needed?

The cost and number of laser tattoo removal treatments will depend on the amount, colour and type of tattoo ink, the depth of tattoo ink in the skin, location and the method of tattoo application. Professional tattoos may require up to about ten treatments, while self-applied tattoos may fade off with few sessions. Laser tattoo removal prices will also vary according to each individual case. Each treatment session will be spaced 3-4 weeks apart in order to allow for maximum clearance of the treated pigment.

What does the procedure feel like?

It is a bit uncomfortable, but this sensation is usually very short-lived. At Amaran we provide cold air chilling to mitigate the discomfort.

What happens after laser tattoo removal?

There may be scab or blister formation. An antibiotic dressing must be applied daily until the area is healed. You can bathe normally but we do recommend that you avoid rubbing over the treated area.