Warts Removal

Warts / Skin tags / Milia Removal

In general, warts and skin tags look somewhat similar. The skin growths appear almost everywhere on the body, and they often annoy the sufferer. Thankfully, they are benign and can be easily removed with the right treatment. It’s important to know how to identify them.


Warts are one of the most common issues faced by both young and old. Even though most warts are harmless, it can be treated as it is bothersome and aesthetically displeasing. These small, non-cancerous growths appear when your skin is infected with one of the many viruses of the human papillomavirus (HPV) family. The virus triggers extra cell growth, which makes the outer layer of skin thick and hard in that spot.


Milia are small, bump-like cysts found under the skin. They are usually 1 to 2 millimeters (mm) in size. They form when skin flakes or keratin, a protein, become trapped under the skin. Milia most often appear on the face, commonly around the eyelids and cheeks, though they can occur anywhere.

How is the treatment done?

Radiofrequency (RF) is an advanced, precise treatment method performed to remove various types of warts, moles and milia that are more commonly found on the face, neck and upper back. RF is performed by cutting the outer growth in the skin surface with high frequency energies and low temperature to cauterize warts. This is a US FDA approved cautery technique. After a few days a new layer of skin develops in the treated area and this blends with surrounding skin color.

What are the benefits of Radiofrequency cauterization?

  • No scarring or patches
  • Minimal damage to the surrounding skin
  • Minimally invasive & coagulation
  • No bleeding
  • No downtime
  • Fast healing
  • Cost effective

How many treatments are needed?

Only one treatment is required for the existing warts. You should take precautions to prevent the condition from recurring.

Post treatment instructions

You will be prescribed with an antibiotic cream which is to be applied for a few days. You should keep the area clean and dry.