Who We Are

Amaran is an organization which is fully committed to medical excellence. We at Amaran believe that our clients deserve the safest, the fastest and the most effective treatments to improve their skin texture and body contours. We practice only medically recommended procedures which are evidence-based and all the equipment we use possess US FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) approval.

The team at Amaran includes an Advisory Panel comprising of four Nationally recognized and reputed Consultants who are Board Certified by the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine of the University of Colombo. The Panel comprises a Plastic Surgeon, two Consultant Dermatologists, and a Neuro Physician. They constantly evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment procedures and can be consulted on the request of the client or the advice of the In-house doctor. All our treatments are done by fully trained technicians under the supervision & guidance by the In-house medical officer. The team’s training and experience on the subject are well up to date and is of a high standard.

The equipment that we use are imported from USA and Israel where state of the art technologies are incorporated. We have taken immense effort to ensure that they are suitable to be used on different skin types.

Each client is interviewed and examined by the house doctor without any pressure or obligation to proceed with treatment. We ensure that each client feels well informed, prepared, and comfortable prior to the procedure. Treatments are delivered with absolute care and compassion. Confidentiality and privacy are strictly upheld by both medical and reception staff.

The scientific developments in skin care and rejuvenation are most impressive. We believe in investing in new technologies, hence our staff undergo rigorous training and receive ongoing education and evaluation to ensure the best service to our clients.

We are very conveniently located in the heart of Colombo in a very calm and serene environment.

We look forward to serving you!

Why we are SPECIAL?

What sets Amaran Aesthetic apart from the many other cosmetic and laser treatment centers in Sri Lanka?

  • An initial medical consultation is offered to all our clients by qualified in-house doctors to help to choose the mode of treatment depending on their requirement.
  • All procedures are guided by board-certified reputed medical specialists.
  • Amaran’s Supervisors and Medical officers are internationally trained (in India, Bangkok, and Singapore) and count years of experience in the cosmetic and laser treatment industry in Sri Lanka since 2009.
  • All the machines we use are manufactured in USA and Israel and approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.
  • The laser training & license is accredited by ADEG - Aesthetic Dermatology Educational Group of Singapore and Singapore Medical council Aesthetic Procedures Oversight Committee.
  • Registered under the Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka.
  • Maintains optimum safety for all our clients in a sterile and clean atmosphere.
  • We provide a wide range of equipment and a variety of procedures at an affordable price with multiple financial benefits.
  • Guaranteed to provide an honest service while maintaining the client’s privacy and confidentiality by the entire Amaran team at all times.
  • We are readily on open-eyes to match with the ongoing aesthetic medical & laser research in the world.
  • Situated in the heart of Colombo with easy access in a calm and serene environment.


The Amaran Aesthetic promise

Amaran is all about impeccable results: To offer a Beautiful, Blemish-free, Supple skin through result-oriented skin care treatments. Our commitment to your satisfaction is matched by blending both Professionalism and Compassion from our authentic Amaran Team.

From Chairman’s Desk



On behalf of all the staff, I would like to welcome you to the Amaran aesthetic – Medical Cosmetic & Laser Centers’ official website. While technically you are a client of us, but, we consider you as our guest. As our guest, you are the most important person in our Medical Cosmetic Center.

Our dedicated staff is ready to provide for your medical cosmetic needs, as well as providing comfort and support. We are all working to make your visit to our center as short and as pleasant as possible.

We apply the most current medical practices, supported by advanced state of the art technology and highly skilled doctors and professional technicians and we respect one and all. We offer clients outstanding value in terms of quality, service price. This web site contains important information about our facilities and services.

Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to make your visit more comfortable.

Amitha Gamage



Chairman’s Profile

Hailing from a well-known business family in Sri Lanka, Mr. Amitha Gamage was born in Nugegoda. His father, the late Mr. David Urala Gamage was a well-respected businessman who operated several successful business establishments.

An Accountant by profession, Mr. Amitha Gamage holds an MBA from the University Of Western Sydney, Australia. He has successfully completed coursework and finalizing the research dissertation for Doctor in Business Administration (DBA) from University of AIT in Bangkok. He started his professional career at KPMG and Meralis Chartered Accountants in UK before venturing out in to a career in Gem and Jewellery by establishing his own business Amaran Gems (Pvt) Ltd. in 1991. Today, Amaran Gems (Pvt) Ltd. is a highly successful operation specializing in providing high-quality Gems and Designer Jewellery to clients from across the globe. Mr. Gamage is a part-qualified Fellow of the Gemological Association of Great Britain (FGA) while he also holds a Diploma in Lapidary from Sri Lanka Gem Corporation in 1989 and won the best gem cutter award. He also has undergone courses in jewellery designing by Mr. Rex Billingham, renowned British jewellery instructor, manufacturing of jewellery and heat-treatment of gem stones.  He held the position of Chairman of the Sri Lanka National Gem and Jewellery Authority from 2013 to 2015.

In 2009, Mr. Gamage ventured out in to a totally new area. Together with his wife Professor Ranjanie Gamage, who is one of Sri Lanka’s foremost Neuro Physicians, Mr. Gamage established Amaran Aesthetic Medical Cosmetic and Laser Center to cater to the growing demand for quality Cosmetic and Laser treatments in Sri Lanka. From humble beginnings, Amaran Aesthetic has grown to be one of Sri Lanka’s best and most reputed companies in the industry today. His dynamic vision, strong business acumen and above all, the passion to provide all his customers with the best quality products and services are the secrets of his success.

Mr. Gamage is a member of International Coloured Gem Stone Association (ICA), which is the world governing body for coloured gem stone industry, & Sri Lanka Gem & Jewellery Traders Association. He has obtained the title of competent communicator (CC) from International Toastmasters USA. He has keen interest in playing golf, swimming, singing, dancing & yoga.



Meet Our Team

Our advisory panel

Amaran aesthetic medical cosmetic & laser center is guided by true & natural quality esteemed renowned doctors.

So who are these doctors? They include one plastic surgeon, three consultant dermatologists and one neuro physician. Together they form a team that can help the client correct virtually any cosmetic issue. Each of them has been in their industry for decades, giving them the experience and knowledge that any client deserves in their quest for cosmetic enhancement.

Prof. (Mrs.) Ranjanie Gamage
Consultant Neurologist
Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Dr. Asoka I. Kamaladasa
MBBS (Colombo) MD-Medicine (Sri Lanka)
PGIM - Board Certified in Dermatology
Consultant Dermatologist

Dr.Thushan Benaragama
MBBS(Sri Lanka), MS(Sri Lanka), FCSSL
Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Member – Association of Plastic Surgeons of Sri Lanka
Member – Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons

Dr.(Mrs.) Dananja Ariyawansa
MBBS, MD (Colombo)
Council Member of Sri Lanka College of Dermatologists
Consultant Dermatologist

Our Team

The Amaran team comprises of Senior Laser Technicians, Assistant Technicians and a qualified Aesthetician who are constantly trained under well-experienced Consultant Dermatologists. At Amaran they have treated more than 4000+ clients to date without any complaints and confidentiality is strictly upheld by them.

Administration Staff

Administration staff includes In-house Medical Doctors, Administration Manager, Business Development Manager, Guest Relation Officer, Assistant Administrators, Accountant, Accounts Executives, and Clerical Staff.

Well experienced, mannered, friendly and capable young staff will the best solution for all your needs within Sri Lanka in International Standards with protection and safety with the highest quality with their maximum capacity.

Once You Step In


Once you enter for your initial consultation, you will spend around 30 minutes with our in-house doctor and skilled laser experts. Amaran team has over years of experience in the field of laser cosmetology and age management since 2009. Our expertise and knowledge in the areas of laser therapy and skin rejuvenation will provide you with a unique and personalized tailor-made treatment plan.

During your initial consultation, the In-house doctor will get to know you, your lifestyle, your skin type, and cosmetic goals. From there, the team will work together to consider everything we’ve learned about you and which treatments will be most beneficial. Using this information, we create a personal rejuvenation program that is completely unique to you. This program will be geared toward providing you with optimal results while producing the least amount of downtime.

Once those steps are complete, the first appointment is set for your treatment. You will take your comprehensive treatment plan home so you can refer to it if you need to. It will likely include preparatory steps for you to take before you come in for treatment. If you have any questions or concerns that arise prior to your treatment, we will be there for you, every step of the way.

Contact Amaran today to schedule your initial consultation.


Our vision is to achieve excellence in Medical Cosmetic & Laser care services for the best customer contentment.
To provide world class Medical Cosmetic & Laser treatment facilities at affordable cost while maintaining the highest standards of ethical practice and professional competency. Our aim is to maintain constant routine upgrades in the booming state-of-the-art technology of the world to offer an unparalleled service to our loyal clients.